Gull Cat

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Gulls Gotta Go
is the cat's meow!

  • Simulates a life-like predator
  • Contours to irregular surfaces
  • Weather-proof & UV resistant
  • Continually moves via natural energy sources
  • Tethers to secure surface
  • Weighted and stable
  • Easily stored, mounted, dismounted, collapsible
  • Allows you to relax and enjoy your time and leisure
  • Utilizes green energy sources
  • Made in the USA

Bobby Alves, President of Gulls Gotta Go talks about the GullCat.

Gull Cat Details


The Gull Cat is a life-like crouching and moving cat that scares away birds.

How it works:

A continuously moving cat powered by mother nature. To use, snap on head, connect tail, and watch birds fly away!

Ideal Bird Deterrent, Bird Repellent For:

Boats, Docks, Gardens, Patios, Pool and Porches

See the Gull Cat in action!

About Us

  • Robert J. Alves

    Robert J. Alves

    President and Founder

    Growing up on the beaches and docks of Gloucester, MA, Bob learned to enjoy and respect the ocean and surrounding wildlife. After attending Boston College, Bob moved to Marblehead, MA and began a successful career selling software for industry icons such as BEA and BMC. His clients included AT&T Wireless, JP Morgan Invest, Kmart, Northwest Airlines, EMC, etc., Due to his waterfront beginnings, Bob recognized the need for trusted humane solutions to ward-off birds and feral from ones property. Pursuant to a highly successful software career Bob founded GullsGottaGo.

  • The Ultimate Bird Deterent

    Action oriented hungry-cat ready to pounce upon its prey bird control and bird deterrent. Tried and tested to spook birds, get rid of birds, keep birds out, keeps birds away, keep birds off, stop problem birds, stop pigeons, stop ducks, keep ducks away and get rid of the ducks on your boat and dock. Stop geese, get rid of geese and keep geese from landing on the lawn and patio i.e. a confirmed geese repellent. Works as a seagull deterrent scaring and keeping seagulls way, stop seagulls, get rid of seagulls allowing you to keep your boat and dock clean. Also nuisance birds, problem birds, keep birds off and keep birds away from the grass seed, garden and property. Prevent birds nesting and landing on your balcony. Acts as a pigeon repellent, pigeon deterrent for those problem pigeons. Out performs classic fake owl decoy, plastic owl decoy and garden owl while washing floors and taking out the trash? Guaranteed to act as a bird repeller to prevent birds nesting such as cormorants, pelicans and herons. All while expressly and importantly acting as a humane bird deterrent or your money back.